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Born out of an unwavering love of self-improvement, personal transformation and helping others become their best selves, Eternobody is founded on the idea that change is part of who we are and should last forever.


Below are the five key pillars of our fitness philosophy. They summarise our mission, core values and the vision we have for Eternobody. We want guys to have it all... the dream body, perfect mental health and a passion to achieve their wildest dreams. We make fitness a force multiplier.


    The goal is simple: to build a physique that's strong and attractive. Broad shoulders, powerful upper chest, muscular arms and proportionate legs. All to create the perfect V shape – the timeless masculine look.

    Our approach is proven to work. Increase strength on your 6 key lifts: incline press, overhead press, weighted pull-up, pendlay row, bulgarian split squats and romanian deadlifts. Throw in a little arm, shoulder and neck isolation and you're well on your way to a beach-ready body.

    We will use all training techniques where they fit best: reverse pyramid training (top set/back off set), normal pyramid training, straight sets and rest-pause (myo-reps).


    At Eternobody, we strongly believe food is about enjoyment and not just fuel. Your favourite foods stay – steak, potatoes and chocolate all fit the bill. Nandos feasts, Greek banquets and Indian platters every night. Automatic, effortless and satisfying, your diet should consist of foods you'd eat everyday for the rest of your life.

    Our golden rule is to focus on eating single ingredient foods that are made into mouth-watering dishes. Any meal in the world, including so-called "junk foods" can be adjusted to become delicious, healthy (supports testosterone, energy levels, wellbeing, etc) and also fit your calorie + protein goals.

    Speaking of which, our approach is simple: small calorie deficit for fat loss, small calorie surplus for muscle gain and always 0.82g of protein per lb of bodyweight. Build the physique of a male model without eating like a person who's obsessed with the gym.


    Fitness is the biggest force multiplier... until it's not. Building a great body should improve your life, not take away from it. There's diminishing returns, no need to become too obsessed. We don't believe that the traditional methods of eating all day long and spending hours in the gym make sense – they won't build a cool and fulfilling life.

    We want your dopamine pathways firing and energy levels high for you to chase success. That's why we focus on a short daily fast where we "eat the frog", tactical caffeine intake and a sleep schedule which aligns with your circadian rhythm.

    The perfect balance that boosts the results you get in the other areas of your personal or professional life. With our approach, you'll build the body and life of your dreams.


    Testosterone makes effort feel good. Men today are not the same. Men's T levels have dropped 30-40% in the last 4 decades and are falling every year.

    With our approach, we'll show you the key steps you can take to dial in free testosterone levels naturally. Sleep, stress management, nutrition choices, key supplementation, and lifestyle choices. If it has to do with optimising testosterone, we know it.

    When you reduce estrogen, power up your total T and increase your free testosterone, the results can be breathtaking. More confidence, elevated mood, improved work ethic and a transformed sex life. Men with higher free T have an unfair advantage and our aim at Eternobody is to unlock this for you.


    The biggest killer of men under the age of 50 is themselves. At Eternobody, we think this is frankly unacceptable. Our single biggest aim is to have a positive influence on men across the world. We believe that establishing healthy habits, getting stronger, building muscle mass and getting down to a healthy 8-15% body fat is one of the greatest steps you can take in creating a happier mental state.

    With our approach, we encourage guys to mentally transform with 10 minutes of daily meditation, brain dumping with Intelligent Change's five-minute journal structure and getting in 10k daily steps for natural sunlight exposure.

    We understand that life as a man is challenging, full of pressure and often unforgiving. Our approach is designed to help you show up in the best possible way to the world every day and feel more comfortable with the texture of your mind. We want guys to become more mindful, present and peaceful – with an ultimate goal to make sure every man has a lust for life.


We're a no-BS fitness company dedicated to getting you the beach-ripped body you're after in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Eternobody was founded in 2022 by Seb Hodgkinson who wanted to show men a lifestyle-integrated approach to fitness. He saw the difference between conventional bodybuilding methods and the seemingly effortless approach of high-performing guys who looked incredible year-round. No fitness approach spoke to him and he felt like he didn't fit in with the types of guys who loved the gym. The popular fitness physique was all about muscle mass, size and impressing other guys. He wanted a physique that stood out from the crowd - one like male model David Gandy or Hollywood superstar Michael B Jordan.

He wanted a head-turning physique with the personality, mental health and lifestyle to match. He wanted to do it in a way that felt cool and effortless and enhanced his life for the better, unlike the cringe "gymbro" culture. He wanted to transform and maintain that great shape for the rest of his life. He wanted an Eternobody.

Eternobody is the fitness approach for men who want more from life.