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Refunds, Guarantees & FAQs

Is There A Money Back Guarantee on Eternobody Programs?

Eternobody offers a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase on digital programs. In order to protect ourselves from abuse we reserve the right to refuse refunds to people that we deem to be 'serial refunders'. Those include people who have received one or more refunds in the past. If you have received a refund in the past you are not eligible for refunds on future courses without express, written permission in advance from an email address with an Eternobody domain.

If your program purchase includes coaching then you will receive only a 50% refund for the program.  

Refund Policy

Our 100% Money-Back Gurantee on all digital programs is subject to you doing the work. “Do the work” technically involves (a) completing all the core program modules, and (b) submitting at least 2 videos with proof of you attempting the workouts inside the program. If you’ve done those things, and for whatever reason aren’t 100% happy with your experience, drop us an email or submit a PayPal refund request (within 30 days from the start of the program) and we’ll happily refund your entire payment. However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you attempt the program as explicitly stated and you submit video proof. Eternobody reserves the right to refuse refunds to people unable to submit proof of (a) and (b) refund policy stipulations.

I Ordered A Program But I've Not Received It Yet

All Eternobody programs are delivered digitally via payhip at Depending on how you purchased you might need to reset your password. You must login to your account to access the program.

If you continue to have login issues please contact support.